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Web Site hosting is what makes your website viewable to people all over the world. A web site hosting provider stores your site with a unique address and Domain Name on their server and your files can be opened from anywhere on the internet. That people anywhere in the world can find, open, interact with your site now

Mobile Commerce

Cost effective option allows your business to get online in 2 days. You get web site hosting plan, online web site editing (CMS), domain name, design, online gallery, security and much more. We can change all according to customer's choice. Our Managed Hosting professionals help you to get your website working properly.

Merchant Web Consulting

Company providing high-quality service for online Community. All tools needed for community in one place and with support service. Web communities, like all communities, requires web sites, forums, emails and other online services maintenance activities. Specifically, frequently asked questions helps attract new members and helps them to gain the knowledge they need to comfortably communicate with group members of Your interests. The social processes related to community maintenance.

E-commerce software

Web Site Maintenance is making changes and oversee the functioning of the web site. You may not have the technical skills with your site, but often need fixing, or must add new features and functionality. Maintenance implies a site that has been up and running, but needs to have changes and support. A frequently updated website with fresh design and relevant content will be found much easier and much more often than a stale website designed 2 years ago.

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The company MB WebArts provide the following services:

Our Vision:

Our purpose is to serve our customers with tools that improve skills to ensure their success. We provide the selection of e-commerce products and services for all persons worldwide. Our vision is to build a specialized web stores, information security and Innovations in Health Care Technology.

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MB WebArts

Lygybes 21-86

51379 Kaunas, Lithuania

Company code: 302970544

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Information security manager

IT project manager

Health care manager

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